Majestic Marquis II Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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The Marquis II series gas fireplace fills your home with comfort. Watch the scene unfold with an expansive view of the flames as they wrap around split logs. The authentic masonry appearance and accent lighting enhance the beautiful fire. Come home to the Marquis II series gas fireplace, and enjoy the entertainment and romance you deserve.

Available Sizes:

  • 36″
  • 42″

Quick Look:

Venting Direct Vent
Heating Capacity Up to 3,100 sq ft
Max BTUs/hr 25,000-54,500
Thermal Efficiency Up to 85%
Cost to Operate $0.43-$1.62*

* Based on cost/therm. According to the Federal Register Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products.
Note: A black safety mesh barrier is standard on all Direct Vent inserts. As a result, images shown may differ slightly from actual product.

Marquis II 36

Rear Width:59-1/4"
Framing Height:56"
Framing Depth:24"
Framing Front Width:59-1/2"
Framing Back Width:59-1/2"
Fuel Type:Natural Gas or Propane by conversion
BTU/hr Input:44,000 (NG); 43,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity:Up to 2,300 sq ft
Viewing Area:35-7/8 x 31-1/16"

Marquis II 42

Rear Width:65-5/16"
Framing Height:61"
Framing Depth:24"
Framing Front Width:65-9/16"
Framing Back Width:65-9/16"
Fuel Type:Natural Gas or Propane by conversion
BTU/hr Input:54,500 (NG); 47,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity:Up to 2,900 sq ft
Viewing Area:41-7/8 x 39-1/16"

Marquis II 36

AFUE:56.7% (NG) / 51.9% (LP)
Canada EnerGuide:57.0% (NG) / 56.5% (LP)

Marquis II 42

AFUE:66.7% (NG) / 66.4% (LP)
Canada EnerGuide:66.4% (NG) / 67.7% (LP)