The Miser's Warehouse

The Miser's Warehouse has been incorporated as part of Economy Fireplace to sell the quality product that we sell on our main showroom floor but at a discounted price.

Why is it discounted? Several reasons:

  • OBSOLETE: There may have been a change as small as the design of the screen front, everything else is exactly the same, yet they have chosen to make the new screen fireplace a new model number so the old is obsolete. Still an excellent product with an excellent warranty.
  • BURN DISPLAY: Still a current product but just doesn't sell enough to justify the space it takes up. 
  • SCRATCH & DENT: It may have been shipped in scratched or dented. 
  • TRADE IN: It may be a trade in wood stove for a new one. Any number of reasons, none of which discount the quality of the product. Pictures are coming of some of the products in The Miser's Warehouse.